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June 1, 2001

  • Address Book - Slight change to the way information is displayed for KIA & WIA listing to reduce the cell spacing of the data table.

  • Adopted POW-MIA - Have adopted POW-MIA Randolph Jefferson Ard on behalf of The Charlie Company Web Site group. WO Ard's helicopter went down in VC held territory inside the Laotian border. Ard and a second crewman were confirmed as alive when surrounded by the VC. When an ARVN airborne regiment fought their way to the crash site, there was no trace of Ard or the other crewman after a four day search. 

    I am currently in the process of fulfilling all of the adoption requirements of Operation Just Cause, including personal letters to President George W. Bush and the appropriate Senators and Congressmen from Warrant Officer Ard's home state. Each of these letters will be posted when they are sent, following the narrative on the Memorial page which has been published for WO Ard. A photo link has been added to the Home Page. Have also submitted the Charlie Company Site to the Operation Just Cause Web Ring

  • Operation Just Cause - Added an introduction page to introduce Operation Just Cause with appropriate contact links. I have contacted them regarding a search for any members of Charlie Company or 3/1st. members who are unaccounted for and still listed as MIA.

  • Memorials - I have added photos to two more of the memorial pages. Eddie Woods & Donnie Stokes thanks to pictures that Alan Rossman had previously supplied. Just need about 52 more...

    Stayed up late one night and indexed all of the memorials but one with "The Wall" database and the Vietnam Casualty Search pages. I just cannot find a listing for David Swigart reported KIA 1/12/70. I have tried several variations of his name and also tried a detail search on the date in question with no results. Does anyone remember him?
  • Photo Gallery - Still in process of scanning 92 additional photos (rejecting many of my own photos due to lack of interesting content or due to poor quality). Still waiting for former Charlie company members to send their photos to be scanned (and returned of course) in order to add them to the Gallery. 

  • Vets Issues - Another new section opened to address issues important to those of us who served together in Vietnam. This page will include topics and information not covered in other sections of the Charlie Company Web. This page is very much under construction. (see the notes under "general")

  • What He Say??? - Next project scheduled is to redo this section from two pages to six pages. Thanks to the continuous submissions of "new terminology", the two existing data pages now take much too long to load. We are starting to compile something that looks more like a dictionary.

  • Home Page - Still tweaking the dials here. Still not happy, but getting there! 

  • General - Updated the top of the page Pull-Down menus to reflect the additions of the new pages in the Web. This is a major, time consuming pain, as the code on every single page in the web needs to be individually changed to keep the menus accurate. That is why the future Vets Issues topic was added now as a page under construction. Also added a small roadblock for those who try to copy graphics from the site. Try right clicking on this page!

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May 27, 2001

  • Address Book - Hyperlinks have been added to the names of all those who died in Vietnam. The names are linked directly to the respective Memorial page for each individual.. In addition, the event descriptions have been expanded with the best detail that we currently have of the incident that resulted in a KIA or WIA.

  • Memorials - We have added 55 memorial pages to the site to honor all Charlie company members who died during their tour in Vietnam. Photos and additional details, memories and information would be very welcome.

    Still a long way to go on this project. We need to index every single name against "The Wall" database and the Vietnam Casualty Search pages to establish correct details. In addition, I would like to add the panel and line reference information for the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall. (And for the internet "Virtual Wall" project. site) Could really use some help with this one. No HTML coding involved. All you need to do is look up the data, copy it, and then send me an email.
  • Memories - Layout of additional submissions is under way.
  • Photo Gallery - Still in process of scanning 92 additional photos. Still waiting for former Charlie company members to send their photos to be scanned (and returned of course) in order to add them to the Gallery. 

    I received some information on missing names in some of the photos from Randy Edge (Thanks Randy).
  • Home Page - Still turning the dials here. And still not happy with the "look". Any suggestions? 

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