How to obtain your :

  • Military Service Records

  • Military Medical Records

  • Medals and Awards

In order to receive your Military Service Records, Medical Records or Medals and Awards, please visit one of the following sites for an update on the information that is required. Then download the correct form (SF-180). When completing the form fill in as much information as possible and if possible do not leave any lines blank.
(The form has not been reproduced on this web, as any updates would make a stored version obsolete)

Please note: All forms are in PDF format. This means that you will have to download *Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read and print these files. You can access Adobe Acrobat Reader directly from any of the listed sites that have the form SF-180. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download. The page setup is 8.5" X 14" This is equal to 'legal' size paper, please adjust your printer setup for this.
*Adobe Acrobat Reader is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

NARA's Military Personnel Records - Military Medals and Awards   Read the note near the bottom of their page, as to the current backlog that their service is experiencing before contacting anyone.

NARA's Regional Records Services Facilities -

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) -

You may also download the Form - SF-180 needed for the above referenced, at the following locations.

U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs

SF-180 Request Pertaining To Military Records - DVA Please scroll down the page until you find the form SF-180.

Forms used by VBA (Veterans Benefits Administration)
Scroll down the page until you find the form SF-180.

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