Sergeant Lau...  from Randy Edge

In the middle or late part of 1968 Charlie Company 3/1 11th. LIB which I was part of, moved northwest of LZ Liz to set up a small base called Firebase Charlie. We started work on it and one day a re-supply "slick" came in. Sgt. Lau was running around that morning with nothing on but his O.D. drawers. When the huey sat down we saw that on each side seated next to each door gunner was a red cross "donut dollie." Sgt. Lau started looking for a place to hide. Except for the huey, I was the only thing standing nearby over an inch tall. He hid behind me until the slick left.

I first met him at Schofield Barracks in October of 1967 when I joined the unit. As I remember he was on leave when I arrived. Alan Rossman and others keep saying "wait till you met him". I started to worry a little, but when he got back I found out he was an Ok guy, even after "reminding me of my foul-up ways". He was just doing his job. I enjoyed knowing him and serving with him. I also recall his favorite expression, "gevum brother"